Meet the Master – Frank Klausz


If you’ve been woodworking more than a few years, Frank Klausz is a name that certainly has meaning to you. He’s been a central figure in woodworking for decades and has influenced woodworkers of all levels.

Most folks know that Frank is a classically trained, Hungarian craftsman who apprenticed under his father. (You can imagine how difficult that might be.)  You also should know that he can cut pins and tails like no other. But he’s much more – he’s a wealth of knowledge and he’s filled with stories that educate and entertain.

If you ever have a chance to sit and talk with Frank, take the opportunity. If, for some reason, you don’t, you’ll surely kick yourself in the future. I could spend weeks with this guy; a couple of days is not enough.

Frank is mostly retired even though he still stops by his old stomping grounds, Frank’s Cabinet Shop to share advice and lend a helping hand. That’s right, the new owners kept the name. (They’d be crazy to let it go!)  He’s happy to visit with the new owners – it’s as if they’ve known each other for years, which they have. He sold the business to his former employees.

On occasion, a close personal friend and woodworking confidant, Frank Pollaro asks him to consult on tricky projects, which proves Frank’s mastery of woodworking. Pollaro’s company focuses on Modern and Art Deco reproductions and new designs based on the work of Jacques Emile Ruhlmann and others  – Modern and Art Deco was not the focus of Frank’s Cabinet Shop when Mr. Klausz was at the helm. His woodworking knowledge transcends eras.

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Master – Frank Klausz

  1. Frank is a true Master.
    I think I have every one of his videos, and really enjoy the way he emparts knowledge to those of us still learning.
    What I wouldn’t have given to be one of his apprentices.

    Really like these cool articles fellas.
    And issue #3 doesn’t disappoint.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    (Like those 360 on 360 audio posts too. )

    central Florida

  2. I’m exhausted just watching that… I’ll stick to my 5hp bandsaw for resawing.

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