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In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, Matt Furjanic of returns to talk more about his company and other inlay topics. The discussion travels along topics such as how important dry woods are to making bandings, and how he slices his loafs into strips, which includes setting the fence to the right of the workpiece.

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Woodworking In Thousandths

This time around Matt Furjanic of talks about woods he uses in bandings, including which woods are so oily that they ruin sandpaper, and alternatives to those woods. And would you believe that his favorite wood for inlay and banding shows signs of decay. Yep. He likes using spalted maple. What I found amazing is that he slices his banding loaves at his bandsaw while moving the fence with each slice – after cutting thousands of yards of inlay, he has an eye for minute measurements.

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2 thoughts on “More With Matt Furjanic of – 360w360 E.240

  1. Thanks, Glen, for asking great questions. And, thanks, Matt, for providing clear and detailed answers.


  2. Couple great talks with Matt, really enjoyed them and picked up some good info as well.



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