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Start with a concept of a woodworking magazine. That’s what we did. We then imagined what a magazine could be if we were to start over, re-invent it and make the most of digital publishing technology’s multimedia platform. What if projects and techniques were as long as they needed to be? What if pictures were large enough to see even the smallest details clearly? What if there were plenty of drawings, big enough to show what you want and need to see? What if the parts of the story that are better shown with video were shown in video, without the need to jump to another page? That’s just what we’ve done. We moved beyond a magazine.

In 2017 we are set to take a few more steps beyond a magazine to increase the distance as we peer over our shoulder. The first such step is to say goodbye to the idea of Issues. At 360 Woodworking we have revamped our Index page so that new presentations are listed by the month in which they were published. You’ll see that change this Friday (January 6th) with the first presentation in 2017. Throughout the new year you’ll find new names and faces on the “360 Woodworking Team” page as you scroll to the bottom. Plus, we plan to introduce a few new presentation formats in the upcoming year. (Look for a new name and format next week.)

There are other subtle changes that you’ll notice as you navigate around the website, too.

For those who are members, sit back and enjoy the ride. And thank you for sharing our vision. For those of you who are contemplating a membership, now’s the time. And if you’re not yet ready to join our group, we’ll see you somewhere down the road.

At 360 Woodworking we believe that you don’t need more woodworking information to up your skills in the shop, you need better woodworking information.

— The 360 Woodworking Team

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5 thoughts on “Last Issue From 360 Woodworking

  1. Scared the shoot out of me with that “last issue” headline!

  2. So, that offer to have me on the “360 Woodworking Team” must have got lost in the mail?

  3. I am excited! What has been good is going to get better(I hope).
    Keep up the good work guys.

  4. You should have saved that headline for April 1st! It bordered on clickbait! LOL! Glad things are headed in the right direction.

    1. Mark,

      I can’t say that we didn’t realize that a headline such as this might be misconstrued. Our hope was to catch the attention of all our members and make sure they were aware of our plans, and to entice those members to sing our praises to fellow woodworkers to get them to check out 360 Woodworking – hope that’s not to blatant. We are also, of course, proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, as well as thankful for woodworkers such as yourself who have supported us along the way.

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