It Just Catches My Eye

“It just catches my eye.” That’s what I say to my wife when I stop the television show and back track to take a closer look at something. In some cases, it’s a piece of furniture. I blame Mel Gibson. In the movie “The Patriot,” you seen more than a few pieces of nice looking furniture. This week is was a federal table in an episode of “Designated Survivor.”

In the photo above – it’s not easy getting a photo off the television screen – you see a Federal demilune table in the background. When I stopped the show, It took a couple of minutes to hash out at what I was looking. The shadow of the drawers on the right caused the arched opening to look almost downward-pointing at the center. But, it was not.

img_0945_tableWhat did stand out to me was the twisted cords plugged into the wall. I’d thought a Hollywood Set Director would have seen that. And why two cords but only one plug end? Also, it’s easy to see the direction of the light – that’s not a white-painted leg on the front.

Show’em if you got’em! Send me a photo and a short explanation and I’ll post them for the world to see. I know most woodworkers scour the Internet for interesting posts such as this.

— Glen D. Huey





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7 thoughts on “It Just Catches My Eye

  1. I think there are actually three cords coming from that one plug!

    1. It is the White House…

    2. Also, with the statue pulled toward the front of the table and out of place left to right, one can assume that there is something “show related” stashed behind it.

  2. HAHAHA. I had to laugh when I saw this because I did the EXACT same thing for this exact same table when I was watching the show. I got the “evil eye” from my wife for stopping the show and pausing it when I said, “check out that gorgeous Federal table”, but it is good to know that I am not the only one who does this when watching TV.

    I didn’t notice the multiple cord thing though. Nice catch!!!!

  3. There is another possible explanation. I have purchased several appliances including a fan that had the power cord in a plastic bag. If this is the case maybe they were worried the show would be canceled and would need to return the lamp. Keep an eye out for the box in future episodes.
    Thanks Don

  4. That’s good.
    My family is always yelling at me for stopping a show to examine a piece of furniture !
    I couldn’t make it through even one episode of Downton Abbey without stopping to look at a piece in the library or the great hall.
    And unless that stature in Dedicated Survivor is animated, there’s something amiss about those cords…haha

  5. I have done the same thing with a secretary that is always showing up in shots of her office on the TV show Madam Secretary. It is a perfect example of what I plan on building for my wife. Although I go back and forth between the glass doors in this example and a set of book-matched crotch walnut solid doors.

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