Joining Us For Our Premier Release-Darrell Peart

PeartWe haven’t said a lot about what will be in the first issue release of 360 WoodWorking, but as we get closer we’d like to announce one of our friends who will be contributing an article a presentation, Darrell Peart. Darrell has been a professional woodworker for a long time, long enough that the URL for his website is and he was recently on the cover of Fine Woodworking. He’s written articles for most of the major print magazines and he is the author of two books “Greene & Greene: Design Elements for the Workshop” and “In the Greene & Greene Style”. You can purchase both of those books (and a DVD) directly from Darrell. Before becoming an independent furniture maker, Darrell worked for many years in the custom cabinet and millwork business around Seattle, Washington while building studio furniture on nights and weekends. In addition to running a working shop, he also offers classes on a variety of topics.

Fremont_DresserDarrell’s work is inspired by the work of California architects Charles and Henry Greene who worked in Pasadena, California in the early 20th century. Those elements are just the starting point for a wide range of furniture designs, be sure to visit his site and view the furniture gallery. In his presentation for 360WoodWorking, Darrell discusses how he stays competitive with much larger (and better equipped) shops. He has adapted elements of his work in commercial shops to speed his workflow without sacrificing quality or breaking the budget. You can read, see pictures and video of exactly how this professional furniture maker ensures that everything fits and the work goes as planned. Those are worthwhile goals for every woodworker, whether amateur, pro, or would be pro. You won’t want to miss this “cross media presentation”.

In mid-December the first major presentation of 360WoodWorking will be released. Darrell Peart’s contribution is one of several, so stay tuned to see what else is coming. All content for 360WoodWorking will be free until January 2015, but if you want to go ahead and subscribe rest assured that your credit card will not be charged until next January and your subscription (if you opt for the annual plan) will run through 2015. If you sign up for the monthly plan, your subscription will start in January.

–Bob Lang

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