It’s Not the End for My Shinto Rasp

IMG_2169I don’t often recommend tools unless they add significantly to my woodworking production (my wide belt sander) or feel great in my hand and still get the job completed in a timely manner. In that second category is the hand-cut Modellers Rasp first made by Auriou and now at the Forge de Saint Juery. Throughout the past five years or so, I’ve found myself reaching for this tool more and more often. I’m not ditching my shinto rasp, but it has been relegated to only coarse work such as roughing out cabriole legs. Any detail work has become a task for the Modeller.

It’s the rasp I reach for when smoothing an edge, both straight and round. Plus, it’s perfect for smoothing the simple cuff banding on the desk on frame on which I’m now working. (See more of the desk and its adornment in the soon-to-be-released, free 360 Woodworking presentation coming your way in a few weeks.) The handle is just the right size and shape to be easy to grip and use for extended periods of time, which is seldom the case when I’m using the rasp because the cut is so nice and detail work is generally not a long and drawn out process.

If you’re looking to add a rasp to your holiday wish list, check out this tool. It’s a winner in my book. And it’s available at many of the better woodworking tool suppliers.

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— Glen

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One thought on “It’s Not the End for My Shinto Rasp

  1. I absolutely agree, Glen. That’s my shaping combo: rough work with the Shinto and smoothing & tweaking with the Auriou.

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