“It’s a Beaut, Clark”

I have to admit. “It’s a beaut, Clark,” was the first thing that popped into my mind as I stood in front of this table.

If you’ve unearthed a stash of old, useless tools, you may be interested in building a table similar to the one I found at an antique mall. (A store which will, from this day forward, be referred to as a junk shop.) I’m talking about tools that have little left to offer besides being a home for rust and decay. (No tool with a remote chance of ever being used should suffer this fate.)

The table was like a train wreck – I just couldn’t turn away. Maybe it was the tools, but it may have been the amber bar-top finish into which the tools were drowned. Either way, I knew I needed to share this on our blog.

Make no bones about it, this piece took a significant amount of time to create. The base was sturdy, and set at a 45° angle, which was more work than necessary.

Where To Put It

I guess it could fit into a man-cave (gulp). Maybe it fit better into a wood-shop office where you planned to fend off 12-ounce-can rings.

If you have anything close to this, either in photo or burning a small part of your brain, please, please share it with us. I beg of you.

— Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on ““It’s a Beaut, Clark”

  1. Glen,
    We’re all praying for you! Get some needed rest my friend.


    1. Thanks, Tom. I appreciate all the help I can get. But you had to notice the twinge of sarcasm in my writing. Wait. Maybe that’s why you’re praying for me. Ouch.

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