Issue 9 Archive

Federal Chest of Drawers

Furniture in the 13 colonies mostly followed styles and fashions from abroad. Even after becoming an independent nation separate from England, we continued to work with designs from overseas. That, however, had a lot to do with the Masters and Journeymen who shipped across to the new nation. During the period after the war furniture […]

Nail Box Resurrected

At the end of my first year of vocational school, my instructor Werner Duerr had a small project planned for each student – a nail box. But this wasn’t just a place to store your nails and screws, it was a precision woodworking tour-de-force project. The dovetailed box with fitted tray had to be made […]

WD: Windsor Chair Carvings

Sometimes at the shows, I’ll set up a small workbench with a vise attached and demonstrate the carving I do on my chairs. People love it, and I get some actual work done. Remember that Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks movie where DiCaprio pretends to be professionals of all sorts? He plays a doctor, an […]

Bosch Power Tool’s Jim Stevens

As engaged woodworkers, we often wonder what it takes to bring a woodworking tool to market. What steps the tool goes through before it’s produced or modeled, and where in that process is the tool introduced to woodworkers for feedback. We also wonder who is tasked with bringing those tools to the woodworking public. That […]

Gadroon Molding

One of the two areas of woodworking I feel is necessary for every woodworker who wants to break out of the flat, square mold is carving. While you may not be ready, or willing, to jump into vine work and acanthus leaf carvings on your pieces, you can certainly spice them up with a simple-to-carve molding […]

Weekend Coffee Table

If you’ve been bitten by the woodworking bug, chances are that you and I look at furniture the same way. Whenever I look at piece online or in a brick-and-mortar store my inner voice says, “I can build that.” Trouble takes hold when that voice also says, “I need that in my house.” While scouring […]

How to Use & Sharpen Molding Planes

Many woodworkers have a molding plane or two in their shop. They were handed down from earlier generations or picked up at an antique sale or store. And if you’re lucky, the plane wasn’t beat to pieces and the blade was never sharpened by someone who lacked the necessary knowledge. In my opinion about 25 […]

Two Terrific Turning Events

A couple of major woodturning get-togethers take place in May and June of this year. They are the places to be if you have any interest in turning and a desire to learn unique techniques from some of the best in the business. Utah Woodturning Symposium First up is the Utah Woodturning Symposium, which is […]