Issue 7 Archive

Elegant Bed Steps

As our family business began, we set up shop in two two-car garages. We often worked with the garage doors open when the weather allowed, even though we were in a residential neighborhood. During one particular stretch, we sold and built a dozen pencil post beds; the majority of which were in tiger maple. Because […]

Jointer Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Take a look in most woodworking shops and you’re sure to find stationary machines that allow lumber to be milled into four-squared, usable boards. The three main machines used to mill are a jointer, planer and table saw. Of those three workhorses, the jointer is your first stop for properly milled boards. It’s the only […]

“Amos” Joe DeLuca

Making things in wood was always a hobby of mine, but for years, I made my living as an engineering model maker. This was in the days before graphic computers eliminated the need for physical representations of such things. (Yes, I’m that old.) The company for which I worked created prototypical models for industry, as […]

Prince of Wales Feather Inlay

I wanted to build a Federal-period tripod, tilt-top candle stand that was originally built by the Seymour shop in Massachusetts circa 1780 -1800. It featured a Prince of Wales feather at its center. The size of the image in the book I had was too small to accurately reproduce, and I needed a plan to […]

Horton Brasses

In 2001 Orion Henderson walked through the doors of Horton Brasses Inc. to begin a day of work. He wasn’t just another employee hired to work at the company. He was the fourth generation to work at the family business. And this wasn’t his first job. At the age of 26,  he was beginning the […]

My Kitchen Table

As I worked in the family business, I built many pieces of reproduction furniture, including entertainment centers (styled after period designs), highboys and lowboys, scads of tables and more – all for paying customers. After I left the business to return to the real world to make money, I seldom walked into a shop, unless […]

Turners & Woodturning

This is the first of what I hope will be a long series of columns about all things woodturning, including the people who practice the craft. It’s about time. After all, woodturning actually goes 360° – and several hundred times a minute at that. In this installment, I’ll introduce myself as well as some of […]

Set the Record Straight: Chipbreakers & More

With the resurgence in hand-tool woodworking, there have been many articles written to explain and describe how to set up and use handplanes. Along with that deluge of information, however, are a few articles that include inaccurate or extreme guidelines; with some of them, you’re told do it this way or you’ll not be able […]