Issue 6 Archive

Salesman’s Sugar Chest

The first time I made the trek to MESDA (Museum of Southern Decorative Arts) was when I was to help choose projects for an upcoming book on Southern Furniture. As we thumbed through the many, many filing cabinets looking at documented pieces, I was awestruck by a Kentucky sugar chest. I knew at that moment […]

Wharton Esherick Music Stand – Part II

Wharton Esherick’s work inspired the craftsmanship of many of the 20th Century’s top studio furniture makers – the most iconic of which probably was Sam Maloof. The reason he inspired so many (and continues to inspire makers today) was because his work was an extension of his being. When you look at an Esherick piece […]

Bar Island

One of the areas that has made Kevin Ritter’s business stand out, and what he was exposed to as he grew up woodworking in the family business, is re-purposing old materials. Since Kevin relocated Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry to Tennessee (read more about the move here), some of the items he’s built include a series of […]

Planer Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Take a look in most woodworking shops and you’re sure to find stationary machines that allow lumber to be milled into four-squared, usable boards. The three main machines used to mill are a jointer, planer and table saw. Of those three workhorses, the planer is the least studied and least understood. Contrary to what some […]

Convertible Shop Cart

Size matters, but mobility and flexibility are the two most important factors for anything larger than a block plane, regardless of the size of your shop. That’s particularly true when it comes to shop carts. As woodworkers we can never have too much space in our shops. And having worked in small and large shops, […]

Gifts From Scraps

(With the holiday week here in the United States, you’ve got to find more time in the shop. We encourage you to take an hour or two to woodwork with a family member, and hope that this article provides a jump-start to that end.) I’ve been married to a woodworker for more than 20 years. […]

Table Saw Sleds: Pros & Cons

The lifeblood of most woodworking shops is the table saw. To put that machine to its full and best use, jigs designed around the table saw are essential. While we at 360 Woodworking don’t care for jigs that require summoning the spirit of Rube Goldberg to understand and use, we think a simple sled is […]

Inside Plywood

Plywood, in one form or another, has been around for millennia. No, not that crap you buy at the big box store, but a real shop-made product that’s (relatively) dimensionally stable and improves your woodworking and extends the life of your projects. You may be asking, “Why is that stuff from the big box store […]

Replacing Chisel Handles

In the article from September/October 2015 issue, “Chisel Handle Fit & Design,” I covered some of the problems that improperly-sized chisel handles can cause, and looked at a few of the species that I consider to be good woods for replacements. And there was a brief mention of using a dowel to help determine the […]