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Waterfall Bookcase

The Regency period in England begins around 1800 and runs through about 1830. (In the United States, that same time frame spans the later part of the Federal period throughout most of the Empire period.) The name Regency is tied to the monarchy in England. King George III became ill and in 1811 was declared […]

Wharton Esherick Music Stand – Part 1

When most people think of Wharton Esherick and his woodcraft they envision his famous free-standing spiral staircase, his library steps or his music stand. While I appreciate his artistic vision and the way he enveloped his life with it, I can honestly say there are only a handful of Esherick pieces I’d like to build (some […]

Corkscrew Flame Finials

Corkscrew flame finials come in all shapes and sizes. The flutes of the flames vary in the amount that they spiral to the top. You find examples that advance a quarter turn as they ascend the finial, while other examples complete a full revolution. We’ve seen a few that turn as much as 1-1/2  revolutions […]

Kevin Ritter – Kitchen Designer & Furnituremaker

Kevin Ritter, from a very early age, developed an appreciation for great patina and vibrant colors. During his formative years, the home in which he was raised was filled with painted furniture – country furniture finished with real milk paint. Pieces that had great patination and real wear. Building country furniture with reclaimed wood and […]

Period Pull Installation

A common thought in woodworking is that it’s possible to completely ruin a project during the finish stage. The good news is that we disagree – we’ve written more than a few articles to dispel that myth. The bad news is that there is another potential stumbling block that needs to be squashed, hardware. Specifically […]

English Arts & Crafts Stool

Pieces from the Arts & Crafts movement are most often tied to a handful of makers. Hubbard, Limbert and, of course, the Stickley brothers are some of the names conjured up in our minds when we talk about Arts & Crafts furniture. Furniture built by these names – or the companies they operated – has […]

Layout Sticks

Many woodworkers head into their shops and just tear into a new project, but there are as many reasons not to dive right in as there are woodworkers who do. A little planning goes a long way to reduce wasted wood and hours of frustration. Sure, it’s often fun to puzzle your way through a […]

Chisel Handle Fit & Design

If you’ve been woodworking for any length of time, you probably can look back at a chisel or set of chisels that you found easy to use and comfortable. If those were your only chisels, consider yourself lucky because most woodworkers get stuck with hand tools that cause problems. There is a lot that goes […]

Top Ten SketchUp Plug-ins For Woodworkers

As powerful a program as SketchUp is, it can’t do everything. For example, if you get it into your head that you want to draw a Bombé chest (Fig. 1), as I once did, you’ll need some way to make compound curves to shape the sides and drawer fronts. To make that happen, you need […]