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Second Generation Candlestand

Many years back, my Dad developed an interest in woodworking. After purchasing tools – he had a background in construction, so what tools to purchase was the easy part of his new hobby – Dad turned to books. If he had a book in front of him, he could do whatever he set out to do. […]

Rolling Rack

In 1991, when I left the now defunct Irion Company Furnituremakers to start my own business I moved into an 18th -century stone barn on the banks of the Brandywine river – sharing the space with another cabinetmaker. I had my workbench, my tool cabinet filled with my core hand tools, a handful of portable […]

Breakfast Table With A View

On a warm summer day several years ago while walking the grounds of Winterthur, my wife and I wandered to a secluded area of the patio surrounding the reflecting pool. The area was shady but still had a great view. In this restful place, the museum saw fit to include a few chairs and a […]

3 Manageable Methods Used to Scale Photos

Photos are one of the most useful methods to select projects to build. You can find almost any project in books or online where a photo is all that you have to work with. In order to develop a plan, or simply get the size of a single component, you need to be able to […]

Just Bead It!

Take a look at furniture from major periods in the United States and you’re apt to find some form of bead being used. During the William & Mary period, drawers were surrounded by beading (often called single- or double-arch moldings). Some pieces (earlier in the period) have a single-bead detail while others (often later period […]

Fundamentals of Woodworking: The Mighty Miter

Whether you are making a picture frame, trimming out your dining room or just embellishing a piece of furniture, into every woodworkers life a few miters must fall. The fact that they are highly visible puts fear into many woodworkers! A poorly fit miter can undo an otherwise perfect project because it’s right out front […]

When You Can’t Find What You Want …

One of my early jobs, sometime in late 1993 or early 1994, was to repair and restore antique furniture, some of which had a painted surface. Working with available paints proved useless. If I made a paint with a shellac base, the results were too shiny. A couple of attempts using acrylic paints didn’t hit […]

All About Chisels

Chisels are more than lengths of metal used to sever wood fibers. In fact, this most-often used and highly underrated woodworking tool is designed for various woodworking tasks. Pick the task, then pick your chisel. What you call a chisel varies, too. This sometimes depends on how you learn or learned chisels. Did you pick […]

Exploring Decorative Meanders

Typically, design elements having broad visual appeal warrant enough attention to be revisited. The trefoils, quatrefoils, Gothic arches and cusps applied to early Georgian (Rococo or Chippendale) and later to Gothic Revival furnishings were liberally borrowed from medieval architecture completed 500 years before the publication of Chippendale’s Director. Another example of recycled elements is a […]