Issue 3 Archive

Copied From an Original

Federal-period card tables have unusual characteristics that differ from other types of tables, and this circa 1810 table, with its single folding leaf and one hinged leg (some card tables have two swing legs), is a typical example of those differences. In most instances when only one leg is hinged, it is the rear left […]

$50 Shop Cabinets

Shop storage is always in short supply. A couple of “down and dirty” wall cabinets would help keep things clean and organized, but they have to be inexpensive. And that has plywood written all over it. No plywood for the door and face frames. All that would be poplar. But the balance of the two […]

Flag Box

I’ve always enjoyed building small projects; It’s great to get into the shop and bust out a fun project. Pay tribute to Independence Day by spending the weekend building a Flag Box. Learn a table saw technique that’s easy to use and can be be a substitute when corners don’t require dovetails. Plus, there’s the […]

Meet the Master – Frank Klausz

If you’ve been woodworking more than a few years, Frank Klausz is a name that certainly has meaning to you. He’s been a central figure in woodworking for decades and has influenced woodworkers of all levels. If you ever have a chance to sit and talk with Frank, take the opportunity. If, for some reason, […]

Curved Carving Templates

Three-dimensional curves make using flat patterns difficult because you inevitably get wrinkles that distort the shape of the carving. In order to get something that remotely resembles symmetrical, you need to “wrinkle” the template exactly the same for each side. Or, you need a flexible material that can be easily shaped to snugly fit over […]

Spray Finishing is Easy

Finishing is all about even and level. The more evenly applied our finish, the better it levels out and the better it looks at the end; it effects how the light reflects off the project, which makes the finish look good. If you have a bumpy uneven finish, the light cannot bounce off of it. […]

Laminated Coffee Cup Stand

This pedestal table is very handy for holding various drinks, and the aesthetic, organic shape appeals to nearly everyone. You can use the piece as a plant stand, or enlarge it to make an end table. Anyone can make this small, satisfying project in a weekend, using scrap wood or cutoffs of any thickness. You […]

Fundamentals of Fearless Finishing: Part III

I’ve heard from countless woodworkers that finishing a project is the part they dread the most. And the more I talk to them, the more I have come to understand that they simply lack enough knowledge and understanding of wood and the finishing process to overcome their fear. Now you can and will.

Pull Your Top Down

Changes have caused us to rethink how tops are attached to table and casework when building furniture. Centuries ago, wood stability and slow humidity changes smoothed seasonal movements. Today, fine woodworking is no longer a “bang out a project and move on” proposition. To get your work to last for hundreds of years, you’re required […]

Chisels: Know What You’re Buying

Every woodworker dreams of the big score, especially when searching for chisels. Whether we’re perusing an online auction site, walking through the local flea market, searching an antique store or scouring the tailgate section of a tool-collectors meeting, we love us a chisel deal.