Issue 2 Archive

Miniature Gateleg Table

Breakfast tables, historically, were small folding tables typically kept in a bedroom. They were meant for light meals intimately shared with the closest of friends. So why aren’t there more of these tables from the William & Mary period? […]

An Upside Down Shaker Cupboard?

Could this cupboard have been turned upside down at sometime in its history? Maybe. The Enfield cupboard began life as a built-in, which was pulled from the dwelling house of the East Family of Shakers and made to stand on its own. It’s known that the top and base are modern additions, so it is […]

Carved Elements: The Scallop Shell

Even if you aren’t into period details, learning how to carve a simple scallop shell gives you the foundation to carve virtually anything you want. Because a shell is a three-dimensional object, it provides a more in-depth carving lesson than chip or relief carving. Plus, it takes only eight carving tools, what I consider to […]

Guide Bushings

My use of guide bushings differs from what you most often read about in magazines and online. Predominantly, articles on router bushings focus around using the router accessory for pins and tails when using dovetail jigs. My use, however, is more outside the box […]

Apple Carrier

Our apple carrier is the perfect project to build upon or improve your woodworking skills. The sides are laid out at a 15° angle, and the corners are dovetailed. But those dovetails are not of the compound variety because the ends are set at 90°. Plus, we provide alternative methods of work for many of […]

Fundamentals of Fearless Finishing: Part II

For many woodworkers coloring their project is the scariest part of the process. After all, if you blow it on this step, it’s often difficult or impossible to recover, right? The best finishers understand wood and use a small group of skills to overcome the trouble spots. Learning how wood reacts to different colorants gives […]

From Stacks & Strips to Spectacular

Like most period furniture enthusiast, I rarely get the opportunity to examine quality antiques “up close and personal”.  A few times I have been asked to repair high-style period pieces, but I have always had to decline due to the fact that I’m colorblind. When a customer approached me to repair his circa 1810 card […]

Set The Record Straight: Just Plane History

If you’re just beginning to build or you’re looking to increase your woodworking skills, you’re inundated with a lot of information and opinion, some of which is malarkey and some is not. The idea that you have to work only with hand tools from years ago to be classified as a true woodworker is something […]

Herms, Terms & Therms: Synonymous Terms?

Six students and one instructor in an old barn grew into what is today the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. By 1996 the barn would no longer serve the growing number of students and courses, so the school moved to its present location a few miles away. After outgrowing the first building on the site, the […]