Issue 11 Archive

Line & Berry Shelf Clock

For years I built furniture for customers. Along with those pieces, I occasionally built something from my bucket list – we call that speculative because you hope you can sell it somewhere in the future. But in business, even when you’re choosing what pieces to build on speculation, you need to be mindful of your customer base and select furniture you think you can sell. […]

Make A Stand

I’ve maintained for years, if you want to up your game in the shop you need to learn how to turn and carve. With a statement like that some have accused me of being singly focused on period furniture. In fact, a few have gotten downright nasty. […]

Glazing Lites

Woodworkers build projects every day that require the installation of lites, divided or single-pane. Some then travel to hardware stores to have pieces cut to fit. And while you may take exacting measurements, the store clerk probably isn’t going to adhere to the same preciseness. […]

Stickley Book Revolver

One of the greatest tools we woodworkers have at our disposal today is the Internet. Not because you can find scads of woodworking videos to teach you techniques, or because you can find the answer to almost any woodworking question. Besides, who knows if the person you’re watching or reading has the experience and knowledge to pass along. […]

WD: Give Your Chair The Look

There are many Windsor chair makers out there. Not as many as there were at the height of the period reproduction wave, but still plenty. Everybody needs to keep their butt up off the ground after all! I figure if I can hang in for a few more years, I could be the last of the Mohicans when it comes to Windsor chair makers – Yoda and Caine from Kung Fu rolled up in one! […]

Know Your Handplane

Don’t spend massive amounts of time tinkering with your handplanes. You heard me right. There’s just no reason to waste time fiddling with a plane when you could put that time to use, or practice the skills that allow you to use it effectively. Let’s face it, some woodworkers tend to over-analyze things. […]

Casual Conversation with Ron Herman

In every issue to date, 360 Woodworking has included an article by Ron Herman. Are we nuts, or is there something this guy has to offer? The best way to tell which is which is to hear his story to discover what makes him tick and how he came to know what he knows. It wasn’t an easy path, but it was a path taken by a few lucky woodworkers. […]

Not Your Father’s Tool Handle

 Who says a tool handle has to be round? Earlier this year, I returned from the American Association of Woodturners Symposium with a new pair of hollowing tools by John Jordan. John would happily have sold me handles, but I wanted to make my own to save a few bucks. And I decided to make something special – three-sided handles in hard maple. […]