Issue 10 Archive

William & Mary Dressing Table

It takes a special kind of crazy (think The Hurt Locker kind of crazy) to appreciate most William & Mary furniture, or so I’m told. Personally, I find much of it to be intriguing because it’s the first period to step out of the frame-and-panel mould. Dressing tables (or lowboys) got their start during the William […]

Splendid Screw Storage

We headed out to meet with Ron Herman ( at his new shop to see what progress he had made, and to record a few things for upcoming issues. When we arrived at his place, we discovered that he had moved quite a bit from the old shop to the new. One of the items […]

Chisel Exercises

It doesn’t matter whether you’re building furniture, knocking out a set of stairs, doing intarsia or stringing a veneered panel, you need to be able to use a chisel properly. You may not realize or even notice that accomplished woodworkers have a true finesse when using chisels. If it’s done right, great chisel skills go […]

Options to Make Your Case: An Introduction

A woodworker “in the know” once said that as woodworkers we, “build a box, set a box on top of it and fit a box into it.” In his insightful definition, the first box – and the second, too, if you’re building a chest-on-chest – is the case in case construction. (The last box would be […]

WD: Tools, Jigs & Fixtures

If you are a news junkie like me, what’s out there is pretty depressing. You have the state of politics, worldwide unrest and the economy, not to mention the price of chicken! There is not much to smile about. Well, maybe you’ll get a laugh or two when I explain and show you the weird […]

6 Simple Steps to Saw Better Veneer

I’ve spent years involved with bandsaws, and hold a few patents focused around these machines, as well. I also work extensively with major companies, including Carter Products, which is a company with its foundation built on a better-designed bandsaw wheel first developed by founder Andy Carter. Spending most days working around and with these machines […]

3 Truths To Better Sawing

After more than four decades toting around saw bucks full of saws and a sawyer bench of substantial weight, I’ve come to know more than a little about sawing. You might be surprised to learn that the human body plays a major role in this process – fitting things properly to the person sawing is […]

Let’s Get Small

  Some woodturners like to work big, making bowls the size of washtubs or porch columns for an antebellum mansion. Big turnings take a big lathe, big tools, and a big commitment of time. There’s something to be said, however, for working small, making a bowl that can barely hold a single pea or a […]