Inside Finish – 360w360 E.173

Scrubbed_bottomIn this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, the 360 guys talk about whether the interior of a project needs to be finished.

Join the guys twice each week for six lively minutes of discussion on everything from tools to techniques to wood selection (and more). Chuck & Glen, and sometimes a surprise guest, all have their own opinions. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always information packed and lots of fun.

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4 thoughts on “Inside Finish – 360w360 E.173

  1. I guess it shows my lack of experience, but I finish the interior of my pieces.
    (Regardless of what Glen does in his drawers…)

    I think the next piece I build, I will try and leave the interiors bare.
    If that denotes what higher craftsmanship calls for, than so be it.

    “Trying to get better”, just like an earlier podcast covered.

    Thanks fellas


    1. Eric,

      There’s a difference between wanting to finish the interiors and being compelled by an urban woodworking myth. And there are advantages and disadvantages to finishing or not. Ultimately, you need to decide for yourself and that is the overarching message of 360 – if you are doing something simply because someone told you, then you aren’t engaging your brain. But I’d leave ’em bare if I were you. 😉

    2. I have put a couple of coats of oil on the insides of some drawers that I have made. Not enough to build a film, but enough to partially seal the grain.

      For kitchen drawers, I have wiped on enough shellac to seal the grain, and make cleanup of the inevitable spills easier. These drawers were on slides, so the drawers won’t ‘weld’ to any of the cabinet structure.

      Drawers in period furniture replicas have remained unfinished except for maybe a coat of wax. ( Note: I don’t sell furniture to earn a livelihood.)


      1. Kitchens are a completely different animal. I always lacquer any drawers I make for kitchens – too many contaminants that could lead to serious illness.

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