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~IMG_0573It’s not often that I venture into a hotel room and find a table that catches my eye. That, however, happened this past weekend while we were participating in The Woodworking Show in Chantilly, Virginia (next weekend we’re in St. Louis, so beware).

Sitting between the double beds in my room sat the nice looking Sapele table shown above. (My first thought was that it was a bit heavy with legs, but the arrangement grew on me throughout the weekend.) What caught my attention was the added pull even though there was no drawer, or so I thought.

It turns out that there was a drawer, which was disguised into the apron. The drawer face was bevel-cut on three sides to blend in seamlessly. On the downside the drawer was on metal slides, which is not one of my favorite additions to better furniture – more of a kitchen thing to me. But, I assume that the slides allowed the drawer to fit tight and stay in place to pull off the look.

Even the top had a good design.


— Glen D. Huey

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