Horton Makes Hardware Selection Too Easy

~Horton_Fed_Chest_PageFor my furniture, I’ve used hardware from Horton Brasses for many years – thumb through any of my books or check out the numerous projects published in magazines, and you’ll most often find Horton Brasses listed in the hardware supplies lists. This past Friday, the release from 360 Woodworking was a Federal Chest of Drawers. It was also the first project I’ve built implementing a new idea from Horton Brasses.

The company has taken published projects that use Horton Brasses hardware, grouped the items needed for the project into a bundle and added them to a page on its website called “As Seen In.” (Go here.) This is a great idea and is extremely helpful for woodworkers who want to reproduce the project right down to the hardware selection. All you need to do is stop by that page on the Horton Brasses website, click the Logo link on which you found the project (360 Woodworking in this case), then click the project – Horton posts a photo of each project to make it even easier. (As a bonus, when you roll over the photo it enlarges for a better view.)

Not only is this convenient, it also comes at a price savings over purchasing the items individually if you act prior to the end of July – on my Federal Chest, for example, the savings were at least 15%, depending on the finish selected. That’s a sweet deal.

 Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Horton Makes Hardware Selection Too Easy

  1. Smart idea from Horton Brasses.
    I’ve bought from them and have never been disappointed.

    That Federal Chest of Drawers came out beautifully too.


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