Ron Herman Talks Saw Blades – 360w360 E.225

Ron Herman talks saw blades.In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking Ron Herman kicks off a new interview/discussion podcast format.

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Saw Blades with Ron Herman

Ron (and Glen) share their opinions on saw blades for your table saw and how those blade designs translate into the world of handsaws. Also, if you’re a proponent of combination blades for your table saw, you’ll want to hear what Ron has to say about using them in your machine. Along the way, Ron also digs Glen on his use of a jointer and his lack of use of handplanes.

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2 thoughts on “Ron Herman Talks Saw Blades – 360w360 E.225

  1. Awe man, thought you were gonna talk about Saw Blades as in Table and Miter saw blades!.. You know, the round circular kind!

    1. What would you like to discuss? I’m happy to answer your questions, or line up an interview with someone in the know about circular blades if you’re after something to which I cannot reply.

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