Handsaws 101 with Ron Herman – 360w360 E.221

The 360 guys talk handsaws 101 with Ron Herman.In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking the 360 guys talk handsaws 101 with Ron Herman

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Handsaws 101 with Ron Herman

Everyone has their favorite tools, and Ron Herman is no different. The 360 guys sat down with Ron to talk about his favorite handsaws and why he likes them so much. What they ended up with was a mini-advanced course in what makes a great saw.

Of all the early saw manufacturers of hand saws, Simonds is the only one that remains. Learn a little of the history of The Simonds Saw company and how (and when) they transitioned from hand saws to power tool blades. But there’s a reason their saws are still prized to this day.

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One thought on “Handsaws 101 with Ron Herman – 360w360 E.221

  1. So where does one go to learn such details as how many TPI is wanted? What set, what length? What do I look for to tell me to get a different saw out–if I had many choices?

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