Grex Goes Cordless


Grex nailers are high up on our list of favorite fastening tools in the 360 Woodworking shop. Many of you have Grex in your shop, as well. If you do not, it’s time to take a look again. At IWF 2016 Grex focused on cordless. Yep, the green team went all batteries and fuel cartridges on us.

Compare_GunsThe GC1850 ($440 at Woodcraft) is one of the smallest 18-gauge brad nailers out there. Tools by Senco, DeWalt and Paslode are significantly larger. The small size of the Grex tool (10-1/2″ L x 10-5/15″ H x a mere 2-3/4″ wide) allows it to fit into tight spaces. The small size, however, does not translate into less work-ability.

With two AAA batteries and a fuel cartridge (4 for $25), you get about 1,300 shots before you need to swap the fuel cans – batteries last about 38 times longer. And those numbers do not change if you’re shooting 1/2″ brads (smallest length for the tool) or 2″ brads, which are the longest.


Other features include all-metal construction (don’t know about you, but I’ve dropped by Grex tools on the concrete shop floor before), power adjustment knob to get the setting just right whether you’re working with pine or teak and an auto lock-out feature, which reduces tool wear, but more importantly, it prevents you from having trim fall off completely or slide out of position with a dry-fire.

Need something else to get excited about from Grex? If you look at the opening photo, you see another Grex nailer partially shown. It’s not another GC1850. It’s a 23-gauge version of cordless that was at the show, but not yet ready to release. We’ll cover that in the future.

— Glen D. Huey


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