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This past week I spent an hour talking with Asa Christiana for Thursday’s 360 W/ 360 Woodworking podcast. Thanks for your time, Asa.  He’s a former editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine (FWW) who is now running his own gig at Christiana Creative, and he’s the author of the new woodworking book “Build Stuff With Wood” (Taunton Press).

In earlier podcasts, we talked about his book, the concept behind the book and about some of the projects in it (podcast #228 and #230). The next installment with Asa is scheduled for this next Thursday (9/21/17). (Look for the episode here, on iTunes or your favorite podcast catcher when it’s published.) During this talk we discuss some of the great tips Asa included in his book. You, as was I, may be familiar with some of the tips, but others will be brand new. Asa shares tips on selecting cedar for outdoor projects, choosing the right castors for your mobile shop carts, the proper way to use screws in your woodworking projects and others.

We also talk about the benefits of moving woodworking from a solo event to one that includes involvement with other woodworkers, be it on staff at a magazine, as a member of a guild or group, or at woodworking events or shows. Asa talks about working in the shop with others at Fine Woodworking and the amount of sharing that went on. And I can honestly say that I became a better woodworker when I worked in the Popular Woodworking shop and with my former partners here at 360 Woodworking. The sharing of ideas (and tips) makes everyone better.

Another tip from Asa’s book came to him from Michael Fortune – Asa worked with him at FWW. Almost everyone uses acid brushes to spread glue. The tip is to use a hammer to tighten the metal tubular handle and to cut off a length the bristles. Everyone gets the idea of smashing the metal handle – it holds the bristles to lessen stray hairs being released in your glue. Snipping the long bristles was new to me.

Later in the week I was working on edge banding the rear apron on my Pembroke table when I decided it would be a great place to test this tip. The increased stiffness of the brush end made spreading glue that much easier. I’m a convert. I will keep a pair of scissors close to my supply of acid brushes.

Great woodworking tips need to be pass along.

— Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on “Great Tips Get Passed On

  1. That’s a new one on me.
    Just when you think you’ve heard or read everything about woodworking, bang, along comes another useful tip.
    Thanks Glen, (and Asa).

  2. I just bought a small bottle of that no-run Titebond today for edge banding. I see you are making use of it too. Hopefully cleanup will be effortless.

    I had picked up that scissors trick from Michael Fortune at one of the early PopWood shows in Cincy. Now, I’ll also be hitting my acid brushes with a hammer to keep the bristles from coming out.

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