Get It Sharp!

Better tools don’t necessarily make woodworking easier. Sharp tools, however, do make all the difference in the world. Sharp is derived from a variety of methods – fancy to frugal. How you get your edge is largely dependent on your woodworking budget. Fear not. Sharp is obtainable at all levels of expenditure.

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4 thoughts on “Get It Sharp!

  1. Thank you for this sharpening video! This was one of the first instructions that really applied to my beginners ability. Would like to see more in this vein. I do more small things and not complex builds at this time., Again thanks

    1. Ken,

      I’ve always said that there is always something to learn in woodworking. I picked up a few pointers from Ron’s video – changed my sharpening method. It’s amazing at how sandpaper gets the job done.

  2. Really good video – Thanks Ron! Lots of ways to skin the cat without spending all day (or all your money) doing it.

    Lonnie Edwards

  3. Helpful information on cost effective sharpening. I like Ron’s no-nonsense approach and years of experience learned from his father and grandfather. Thanks!

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