Gary Rogowski Talks About His New Book & More. – 360w360 E.255

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, we spend time with the owner of The Northwest Woodworking Studio and author, Gary Rogowski. Gary shares some of the fascinating stories from his new book, “Handmade, Creative Focus in the Age of Distraction” (Linden Publishing, Inc.). Plus, you’ll hear what he feels is the most vital woodworking machine, especially for a West-Coast woodworker. And he shares his thoughts about the importance to all of hand work.

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Began With A Handplane

Gary Rogowski, author of “The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery” (Taunton Press) and “Router Joinery (Taunton Press), has been woodworking for many years – he’s hesitant to admit it’s been 50 years in total. In his new book he talks about woodworking and about how he came to be a woodworker. But the book is so much more. In it he shares events he has experienced and how those times shaped his career. As we move farther into the conversation, the discussion focuses around the value of hand work and why today’s maker spaces may be missing the mark.

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One thought on “Gary Rogowski Talks About His New Book & More. – 360w360 E.255

  1. Gary is old school with a Capital O.
    I attended a short seminar with him as the teacher on Band Saw techniques, and I learned a ton.
    I’m going to pick up a copy of his new book.
    I bet it has a treasure trove of interesting information, along with some side shots you mentioned during your 360 chat with him.

    Thanks Glen.

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