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360_Free_NewI mentioned in a post on Monday (8/5/15) that we at 360 Woodworking have been stirring the pot a bit. While being the first post calling attention to this shake up, a couple of changes in the layout of our home page was not actually the first such change.

In September, without any fanfare, we set up a new level of membership. That new level is FREE. And by free, I mean free.

You may have noticed, when you visited our site, that many of the articles and posts only show a portion of the text, photos and video. That is by design. To be able to read the rest of the post, you need to be registered as a Free member (do it here). Some of you have already jumped on-board.

360_LimitedAccess_NewRegistration is the key to unlock free articles and posts, and it is FREE. Did I get that point across?

This is different from when we first opened the site a year ago when we asked you to provide your name and email address so we could send you an update on our progress, or drop you a copy of a newsletter. Even if you filled out the requested information back then, you’ll still need to sign up for a FREE membership. We cannot simply move your information to the new level.

If you have already made the jump to sign up for our free level, that’s great. If you haven’t signed up, you might want to do so rather quickly! Our guess is that you’ll be glad you did.

— Glen D. Huey

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