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Blog_IMG_3370Twenty years ago when I began building furniture, I had already discovered where to get free plans – it’s not Ted’s Woodworking. I had learned early on that most books had pictures; thank you Dr. Seuss.

Later – much later – I found out that you could copy those pictures and use them to develop plans using a technique now known as scaling. Scaling a photo is really easy. All you need is a rule and the knowledge of using ratios. Bingo. You have free plans.

Scaling, along with a couple of other methods to develop free plans, is the subject of the latest article from 360 Woodworking. You can see a portion of the article here even if you’ve yet to become a member, which you can do by using the buttons below. If you are a member, and are signed in, you’ll have all the techniques laid out for you, including a video from David Heim.

David is a SketchUp guru who co-authored “3 Manageable Methods Used To Scale Photos.” You can read more about him in this post.

— Glen D. Huey

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