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Today begins a new day for the relationship between woodworkers and 360 Woodworking. As promised, we have just published our first free article. As a “free” member (you do need to register, but no money exchanges hands) you’ll get two such articles per month. Plus, between those two article we’ll be posting short video clips for free, as well.

We’ve also launched a middle tier (Enthusiasts membership) for woodworkers who want fresh, weekly information delivered, but don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles (and video and discounts and classes and savings) that come with our Fanatic membership level.

This was a goal the we established after a few months of presenting at the Woodworking Shows. We want to share information, and we certainly appreciate our members who are willing to exchange their hard-earned woodworking dollars for quality woodworking information. We also know that there are many woodworkers who cannot or choose to not pay for information. That’s OK, but you should be sure that the information you’re getting is solid and tested. And that’s where we come in.

From this day forward, paid members will continue to have access to a new article each and every week, and we will select articles from our back inventory to publish on the free side. There will be projects to build, techniques to put into use in your woodworking and you’ll even get an article or two that are simply fun to read.

And on the “free” video side – the first of which goes out next Monday (11/9/2015) – we promise that the message delivered in the short clips is always going to be worthwhile woodworking information; some of which may already be in your arsenal, and some will be new.

If you’re not yet a member – Free, Enthusiasts or Fanatic – there’s now nothing holding you back. Check out each and every week to see what’s new.

— 360 Woodworking

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  1. Wow.. articles for free. Thank you 360working for this wonderful opportunity. This is probably one of the best woodworking sites I’ve ever visited.

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