Franksgiving Day Two: Sharpening

IMG_2090aA few weeks ago Glen Huey and I got to spend some time with Frank Klausz. Not only did we spend the evening of his birthday with him at his home, but we spent the bulk of the following day with him in his new shop chatting, filming and doing lots of fun woodworking stuff.

Frank wanted to show the 360 WoodWorking community a few techniques that he hasn’t show before. And while I’m not sure he’s never shown off his method for sharpening, Glen and I certainly weren’t turning down the opportunity to get Frank on film demonstrating his technique. For me, (not) surprisingly, Frank’s method is extremely similar to the method Werner Duerr taught to me when I began my apprenticeship decades ago. The part I like best, like Frank, I take my jig with me wherever I go – watch for it.

If you aren’t a free-hander, check out for more info on the Universal Sharpening Jig that Frank demonstrates.

And the best part of the demo – Frank’s method not only works for chisels and plane blades, but for carving knives as well…turkey carving knives that is. Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. friends, family and fans. And the happiest of Thanksgivings to one of the most generous cabinetmakers I’ve ever known (and the most important “F” of them all), Frank Klausz.

— Chuck Bender

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