Franksgiving Day Three: Router Table

FrankWhen Glen and Chuck were visiting Frank Klausz‘s shop a couple of weeks ago, they saw something that made them stop in their tracks. It’s an incredibly simple idea that neither of them had seen. When they told me about it and showed me the following video, I had never seen it either, and my reaction was the same as theirs; a smack to the forehead. As we wrap up our “Franksgiving” weekend, we want to express our gratitude to Frank for opening the doors to his new shop and sharing his experience with us and our audience. That experience goes back to 1959 when he completed his apprenticeship in his native Hungary. When Frank came to the United States in 1967, I was entering the seventh grade.

Many woodworkers tend to over-complicate things, but craftsmen like Frank Klausz recognize the beauty of simple solutions that let you get back to work on making things. That’s the big lesson I’ve learned from Frank; get to the basics of the problem, practice to get good at it, and move on to the next step. I first saw Frank in person at a woodworking show about 25 years ago, and I remember one of the things he said “If you’re having problems making dovetails because you can’t cut to the line, you shouldn’t be trying to make dovetails, you should practice cutting to the line. Once you can do that, you can do anything.” As always, Frank knows what he’s talking about because he’s done it more times than you can count.

–Bob Lang

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  1. that was just amazing ! the router table fitted perfectly.

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