Forums, Magazine Misinformation & Screws with Dale Barnard – 360w360 E.251

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking I asked Dale Barnard to join us again to talk about his (and some of my) pet peeves. He’s written blogs on many of these topics. We discuss woodworking forums, some misinformation found in woodworking magazines and screws. He likes drywall screws. Me, not so much. But we reach a mutual understanding.

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Good Woodworking Info

Dale Barnard and I came to woodworking from similar backgrounds. He learned to be a carpenter from his father, and moved on to build and teach furniture making. I followed the same path, but my dad had more furniture information to pass along to me. Traveling paths that were all but the same, we agree on many things associated with woodworking. Forums may have the correct answer, but you often need to dig too deep to discover it. And we both share stories how woodworking magazines sometimes get it wrong. Oh yeah. We talk about screws, too.

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6 thoughts on “Forums, Magazine Misinformation & Screws with Dale Barnard – 360w360 E.251

  1. The level of trolling that occurs on FB groups in particular is epic. Sometimes good epic, but usually the bad kind of epic.

  2. Glen –

    You said “”, did you mean “” instead?

    Happens that “” is available…

    1. You are correct, Rob. I should have said allied bolt. Thanks for catching that.

  3. I saw something on the internet about clamps having more force on the screw end vs. the other end. That is crazier than the wood dropping claim, although I am not inclined to believe either.

    Woodworking magazines now hire people of limited woodworking experience as editors and let them get on the job training as woodworkers. I don’t think Sports Illustrated would do well if they hired an editor who never watched or played sports.

    1. I remember that clamp thing, too. But it wasn’t my end of the discussion. As I said in the podcast, I can see the board dropping thing. I have inadvertently dropped a board and soon discovered checks at the end. My wonder is if the checks were there beforehand. The mystery continues.

    2. I could see the pressure being momentarily greater but it would equalize. Maybe not instantaneously, but pretty quickly. Bar flex, material shifting, etc might govern the rate. Seems like a minor detail not worth the worry.

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