Food-storage Bags for Moldings

Molding_SaveWhenever I build a piece of furniture that has more than a couple of molding profiles, I find it best to keep pieces of those profiles to refresh my memory when and if I need to reproduce that piece of furniture again. It’s also a great way to have different profiles from which to choose if you’re designing a project, or looking to add your own spin to an older design – I sometimes remember that I used a molding on, say, a high chest of drawers that might be the best profile for a small chest that I’m planning to build.

One saying that you’ll often hear the 360 Woodworking guys say is, “We’re woodworkers. If it wasn’t easy, we wouldn’t be doing it.” That’s our philosophy. Keep it simple. When it comes to safeguarding and storing those molding profiles, I think “woodworker-like.” I store my pieces in food-storage bags. That’s simple. And it’s effective.

The bags pictured above are from projects that I built about a decade ago. The bags have been stored in a box in my home office. And as you can see, they’ve kept the pieces together and safe.

If I’m asked to build another chest-on-chest, tall clock or whatever, I have the profiles at hand. Plus, if I ever go back to draw an accurate sets of plans on that particular piece, I have the molding profiles with which to work.

As you wrap up construction on your next project, grab a bag and stuff it. You’ll may be glad you did.

— Glen D. Huey

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3 thoughts on “Food-storage Bags for Moldings

  1. That’s an excellent idea.

  2. Good tip.
    I keep any shop notes on the build folded up and put in there too.
    Makes recreating the piece way easier.

    Thanks Glen.

    1. Eric,
      That’s a great idea, too.

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