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~FlagBox_Opener_2Every project built in your shop does not have to be the size of a widebelt sander with a two-page cutlist. It doesn’t need to be as challenging as a CrossFit event. What’s important, at least to me, is that each project I build teaches me something new or pushes me to work with a new product. In fact, I’ve always enjoyed building small projects that fulfill the above requirements. It’s great to get into the shop and bust out a small fun project. That’s what our flag box is all about.

Flag box? Of course, we’re paying tribute to Independence Day in this country. Plus, for many woodworkers, this is a project that can be knocked out during a long weekend. As we work through the box, I’ll share a simple table saw technique that is the perfect substitute for when you don’t need dovetail joinery. In addition, we’ll take a look at a product developed by a fellow woodworker. And everything about the finish is wiped on.

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4 thoughts on “Flag Box

  1. Great project Glen.
    I think I’m going to have to make one of those.
    Really like when you shoot shop technique videos.
    I’ve done those joints before, but you always pick up a thing or two watching you in the shop.

    1. Thanks, Eric. As a member of 360 Woodworking, you’ll see more short video clips in our articles and elsewhere.

  2. Glen,

    I believe this an under utilized joint. I use it to make drawers on projects that aren’t my top quality where dovetails are not required or desired due to time.

    I use a router table with a 1/4″ slotting bit a quarter inch above the table and with a quarter inch projection to cut the joinery and also the slot for the drawer bottom using 1/2″ sides of course.

    I also use this technique in the cabinet classes I teach.

    A good technique and is its fast.


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