Festool & WoodWerks

festooltrailerLast week I wrote about a few of the sanders Festool shared at IWF (read more here). I also mentioned in that post that Festool had its trailer at the show, but could only open half of it due to space constraints. I now have a great photo of the trailer to share, and a short video, too.

On September 20, 2016, in the parking lot of Wood Werks Supply in Columbus, Ohio, the Festool trailer can be seen it all its glory. (Click here for more information.) Wood Werks Supply, which many of you know online as ThisIsWoodworking.com is the  place to purchase anything woodworking from lumber to hardware to power tools and machines. Stop by next Tuesday if you have a chance.

Two days later starts the Wood Werks Supply Fall Expo 2016, which runs Thursday through Saturday. So if weekend woodworking is more to your liking, then venture on back to Wood Werks on Saturday the 24th for great across-the-board savings on woodworking tools and supplies.


— Glen D. Huey


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