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GroupingAfter building furniture for 20-something years, you begin to notice patterns in your work. One pattern for me is using a router  bit over and over on most projects in which I’m not working to create an accurate reproduction.

I walked around my house yesterday and began to notice just how prevalent my use of a cove-and-bead router bit has been throughout the time I’ve been working.

Furniture I have at home comes from different stages in my career. I have a Chester County tall chest of drawers that was built in my first year of work, as well as a Slant-lid desk-on-frame built as we hit the start-up button on 360 Woodworking. (You can see it in our Free premier issue.)

This is why when I build a project for a book or article I seldom specify the exact router profile I use – I think you should use the bit that you like best. Plus, why go out and purchase a router bit that you may not like, or ever plan to use a second time. Save the money for better quality wood.

— Glen D. Huey

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One thought on “Favorite Router Bit

  1. I really like that bit set for transition molding between a larger bottom cabinet and a smaller top cabinet.

    I want to get one in 1/4 shank so I can use it in my DeWalt trim router.
    Right now, most of my nie bits are in 1/2 shank size.

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