Fascinating Facts – Disassemble a Tall Case Clock


This is also an “Antique Junkie” alert. As an antique junkie, I often dig around on websites that focus on those subjects. This week was no different. I found a few interesting sites to bookmark. One of which is Gary R. Sullivan Antiques Inc. On his site, Mr. Sullivan has a few instructional videos covering a variety of topics, but what caught my attention was his video “Antique Grandfather Clock Disassembly.” There is a correct way to breakdown a tall case clock.

Here’s the correct procedure according to him.

  1. Remove the hood, but only if the clock’s weights are in place. If the weights are not hanging from the movement, then you need to get someone to help. The reason this is important is because the weights help stabilize the clock’s movement. You don’t want to knock the dial and movement off the case to crash to the floor.
  2. With the hood off, remove the works, including the weights and pendulum.
  3. Remove the weights, but only after you secure the strings, cables or chains that regulate the clock. Plus, there is a specific order to which you should remove the weights. First remove the Time weight, then remove the Strike weight.
  4. Remove the pendulum.
  5. The clock is now ready to transport.

You should watch the entire video here – Mr. Sullivan shares many fascinating tidbits and provides much more insight into how best to disassemble a grandfather clock.


— Glen D. Huey

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2 thoughts on “Fascinating Facts – Disassemble a Tall Case Clock

  1. Thanks for posting the web site. As you remember possibly I am sort of a Grandfather Clock nut. I’ve built five with number six leaning on the wall in my shop.

  2. Glenn. Thanks for the great links. The video on the collection of clocks was very educational. I built one clock and never knew some clocks could play so many tunes. Eyeopening video.


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