Esherick Music Stand

The inset photo is the upper portion of the music stand. (Click to enlarge the photo.)

This week we have a few guys in for a hands-on class building an Esherick music stand. As did Esherick, the guys are building their stands in walnut, and each has made significant progress for a few hours more than two days.

The frame is assembled with slip joints (you may know it as a bridle joint), and the two vertical supports are rounded using spoke shaves and draw knives. There are lots of angles with which to deal, but these guys buzzed right through them without any hesitation.

By lunchtime today, they’ll have the top portion of the stands complete, and attention will shift toward the legs. Music stand legs, at least these, are going to be cut similar to cabriole legs. You know, curved template layout and cut at a bandsaw to get a sweeping curve in two directions.

At this rate, we should see standing stands in a day or so.


— Glen D. Huey

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