Episode 68 – Paper-Backed Veneer

68_PaperVeneerIn this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, the 360 guys answer a question from a listener about paper-backed veneer. One of the guys has used paper-backed veneer in the past on a project using a controversial method of adhering it to the substrate. The other isn’t so sure about the product at all.

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One thought on “Episode 68 – Paper-Backed Veneer

  1. Hey guys, as a remodel contractor and professional wood shop I thought I would share my observations and experience with the veneers.

    I use both paper-backed and raw veneer for my projects. I also use the paper-backed veneer with 3M adhesive.

    I have seen several commercial projects that I know used paper-backed veneer with contact cement to fail within a few years. The veneer would buckle and crack causing it to look absolutely horrible.

    When I got into veneer work, I avoided using contact cement due to what I had witnessed by observing the work of other shops.

    I prefer to use Unibond even for paper-backed veneer. I also have furniture that has been out there for a number of years now where I used the iron-on method using Titebond. For those that don’t know, it is where a uniform layer of Titebond is applied to both the veneer and substrate and an iron is used to apply the veneer. This has seemed to hold up over time without separation of the adhesive or any cracking. Stability appears to be good.

    I find that the 3M adhesive backed veneer has provided excellent results and held up over time as well. I prefer this over using contact cement any time I can get the species I need and for most projects, that is the case.

    The only thing I really find contact cement to be good and reliable for is laminate. I don’t have anything against contact cement, I think that all the adhesives have their appropriate use and work well when employed in these situations.

    I have been fortunate to be able to keep a running observation on many of my projects over the years as they are either in client’s homes that continue to hire me for more projects over the years or they are in public locations where I see them when I patronize a business that has my work.

    I do consider all of my projects ongoing experiments and am always watching to see how they hold up, trying to determine what works or does not work with both my methods and the products that I use.

    Your friend in the shop-

    Todd A. Clippinger

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