Episode 42 – Saws in the Shop

42_SawsIn this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking, Chuck and Glen discuss what saws they have in the shop and use when building projects. As you can imagine, the two woodworkers dismiss the idea that you need a variety of saws to actually get things done. But each mentions that there is at least one  saw missing from their arsenal, or that they’d like to have every now and again as they work. What saws are those? You’ll need to listen to find out.

Join the guys twice each week for six lively minutes of discussion on everything from tools to techniques to wood selection (and more). Chuck & Glen, and sometimes a surprise guest, all have their own opinions. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t, but the conversation is always information packed and lots of fun.

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One thought on “Episode 42 – Saws in the Shop

  1. Like an idiot, early on, I bought a bunch of different ones that “I HAd to have” and then after a while I woke up…..
    I have four or five now and use maybe three.
    Flush cut, small tenon saw, pipe saw and an old Disston that I can’t part with.

    All these guys who say you need a bucket full of saws to get the job done would never work in my shop.

    Have you ever seen these project page pictures of saw-tills that hold 20 saws?…..lol

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