Dwayne Siever

Dwayne_Siever_BioDwayne Siever’s woodworking career began in high school where he was a student of Werner Duerr. Throughout his years at the Central Chester County Vocational Technical School, he had a burning interest in period furniture. Securing an after-school job with a prominent antique dealer doing minor repairs and touch-up was a dream come true.

After high school, Dwayne worked with another antique dealer who did more serious restorations before he moved on to one of the most prestigious conservation shops in the country. Eventually, Dwayne struck out on his own buying and restoring antiques and doing repairs for collectors and dealers.

Throughout his repair and restoration career Dwayne constantly ran into problems matching modern paint to the period pieces he repaired. In late 1993 or early 1994 his journey to finding his own formula for milk paint began. With more than a year invested in researching and testing formulas, Dwayne eventually came across the right mix. A hunch that other furniture and house restorers would face the same paint problems lead to the founding of the Real Milk Paint Company.

The company has grown from Dwayne making each and every container of milk paint in the back of his workshop in Bucks County, PA to a multi-employee enterprise outside of Nashville, TN. You can order Real Milk Paint directly from Dwayne and his company over the internet or you can find it at one of his network of dealers nationwide.

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