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DrillBitStorageI have to admit that when it comes to some things in the shop, I’m not too organized. If I were to show you a photo of my drill bits, you would shudder. At this point, my bits are tossed into a drawer. Inside you’ll find twist bits, brad-point bits and Forstner bits scattered about. Unfortunately, things will remain that way until after the Woodworking Shows come to an end.

At that time, however, I have a plan. Last weekend we were out in Kansas City for the show. Sunday evening, after the show had closed, we were invited down to the local guild, the Kansas City Woodworker’s Guild. If you’re a woodworker anywhere near Kansas City, you owe it to yourself to check out the guild.

The guys we met have varied experience, they are eager to help and the facility is amazing. There’s a bench room, library, plenty of storage, a seating area for presentations that is killer nice and a machine area with about every machine you could think of for woodworking and certainly more than any one woodworker needs.

It was in the machine area that I found the fix to my lousy bit storage problem. Hanging next to a couple of drill presses was the simple storage solution to my mess (you see it in the opening photo). A strip of wood with holes drilled to fit the shanks of the many drill bits while at the edge of the storage was a shallow cut made by the bit stored next door.

This may seem unimportant, but I noticed that many of my bits do not retain the original size markings. With the shallow cut handy, you can match the bit to the cut to make sure you have the proper bit in the proper storage location.

Simple, handy and it works. That’s how you can make yourself more productive in the shop.

If you have simple solutions such as this, let us know what it is and we’ll pass along the idea. Also, if you’re in the St. Louis area, we’ll be there next weekend with the Woodworking Shows. Stop by and say hello.

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