Different Kind Of Card Table

CardTablePlanPostIn the May/June issue of 360 Woodworking, Rob Millard built a reproduction of a card table brought to him by a customer for repair. As he explored the table and took notes, he ran into a method of work that differs greatly from how most tables of this design would have been built in the period. In the antique table that Rob copied, the front apron, arched from leg to leg, was attached to a couple of loose tenons that fit into mortises in the legs. Both tenons were then screwed to the front apron. Most times, the tenons on card tables are integral parts of the aprons. Was the antique table an anomaly? It showed signs of earlier repairs, so could this “design” be a result of the rework? Take a look at the exploded view below and compare it to other images of card tables with a more traditional build. — Glen D. Huey

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  1. Great Seminar for Greenville Woodworkers Guild today!

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