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Dead stacking lumber is a perfectly acceptable method of storing dried lumber in your shop.In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking the 360 guys talk about dead stacking lumber.

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Dead Stacking Lumber

Many woodworkers believe that when they bring material into their shop, the only way to handle it is to sticker it. Dead stacking lumber is a perfectly acceptable method of storing dried material for extended periods of time. The only reason to sticker the boards is if you believe them to be much higher in moisture content than your shop.

Unless you plan on using the wood in the near, or immediate, future don’t worry about stickering. Save space by dead stacking large quantities of dried lumber for numerous projects that are built over an extended period of time. When it comes time to begin working on the project, if you really feel the need, pull it from the pile and sticker it a couple of weeks in advance to acclimate.



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One thought on “Dead Stacking Lumber – 360w360 E.207

  1. When I was new, I stickered the lumber because that’s what “the experts” told me to do.
    As I became more experienced and was fortunate enough to be able to buy a lot more lumber, I dead stacked it.
    I’ve never noticed any difference in the quality of the wood and I lost a lot of storage space.
    No more stickering unless it’s freshly cut.

    I buy my lumber from Hood Distribution in Orlando and have never had a problem.

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