Damn Nice Bandsaw

TheMachineThis past weekend I taught a one-day class with the Central Indiana Woodworkers during which we built a small box with corner inlay. Additionally, the plan was to make and install a few sand-shaded fans, but time ran out before most of the group got there. As I prepped materials for the fans on Friday, I looked at a few options including purchasing veneer (it’s sooo thin), my table saw (a pain in the tuckus) and a bandsaw. Bandsaw it was.

For years I’ve owned and used an old Delta machine, but when we started 360 Woodworking, Chuck brought in his Laguna 1412. (He reviewed the saw when it was new and liked it so much that he bought it for his shop.) While I’ve used it on occasion, I decided making thin sheets of shop-cut veneer would be a great test.

I set up the cut, grabbed a leftover hunk of tiger maple and gave it a go. Each cut was smooth. Each piece was a consistent thickness from edge to edge and top to bottom. The only two pieces I lost were the first piece that squared the hunk. and the first cut after I rotated the block to pull veneer off the face of the board. Needless to say, I was impressed.

If you’re in the market for a new bandsaw, make sure you take a look at Laguna. Below you can see the setup and the results I had.

— Glen D. Huey


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7 thoughts on “Damn Nice Bandsaw

  1. What blade are you using Glen?

    1. Bill,

      Chuck has the Laguna ResawKing on his bandsaw. It’s 3/4″ wide and has a .041″ kerf

  2. Very good .thanks, elmer

  3. Good day Glen, It’s hard to make out and I don’t want to assume but is there a Drift Master attached to the saw?

    If so how do you think it affected your resawing as opposed to using a single point fence

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Joey C.

    1. Joey C.,

      That is the stock rip fence that comes with the saw. I expected that I would at least need a single-point fence, but, honestly, if I would have had to mark off each cut, I would have gone right back to my table saw.

      1. Maybe the Myth, Reality, Superstition, Humbug, of blade drift would be well adressed in a “360 With” podcast.

        1. Not a bad idea, Don – we’ll add it to the ever growing list.

          And, Joey C., unlike most saws I’ve used, the Laguna 1412 didn’t need any special treatment to get the blade tracking perfectly on the saw. I’ve resawn material for a handful of projects in varying thicknesses with the saw since I got it and never noticed any significant drift (even after several changes between the Resaw King and a blade meant for scroll cutting). I remain as impressed with this saw as I was when I did the testing for the review. Your mileage may vary.

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