Dale Barnard

Dale_profile_picDale Barnard is a life-long woodworker. You could say it’s in his blood; both his father and grandfather were woodworkers. And the tradition of craftsmanship was handed down through the generations.

Working with his father from the time he was young, Dale (and his brothers) learned many basic carpentry skills and developed an intense passion for wood. And that persistent interest would have a profound impact on his entire life.

Dale developed an interest in mathematics and planned on becoming a math teacher. As he worked toward that goal in college, woodworking continued to tug at his heart. Eventually, he left Indiana University and decided the pull of woodworking was too strong. He gave up the idea of being a math teacher for being a cabinetmaker.

Like many who feel the call of teaching, Dale also felt compelled to share his ever-growing knowledge of woodworking with others. He started The Cabinetmaker’s Woodworking School where he teaches a combination of skill and project classes.

Dale continues to build furniture for clients countrywide and explore woodworking in all its splendor. Learn more about Dale, or check out his class offerings by clicking here.


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  1. I recently completed the Nakashima chair class with Dale. I highly recommend anyone wanting to hone their woodworking skills and have a fun time sign up for Dales classes. Dale is as great a person as he is a woodworker. although he didn’t laugh at all my jokes, he did smile. My classmate and I are planning on going back in the near future to make a full set of the chairs.

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