Dale Barnard Talks About Woodworking Classes – 360w360 E.249

In this episode of 360 with 360WoodWorking woodworker, author and woodworking instructor, Dale Barnard, talks about his path to woodworking, his early education and the many ways he’s attempted to schedule classes for his woodworking school in southern Indiana.

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The Perfect Commute

Dale Barnard started in the woodworking business learning house construction and trim work from his father. He and his brothers were skilled in an apprentice style, having to work in out-of-the-way areas until their skills reached a higher level. After college and after deciding that a life-long career teaching math wasn’t going to cut it, Dale set out on his own building houses. He eventually made the shift to woodworking in the shop – his shop is located in a small piece of heaven and includes an animal-filled, 100 yard walk from his home. Teaching woodworking classes then found its way into his life and shop.

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