Build A Chippendale Small Chest

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One of the best choices you can make to advance your woodworking skills is to build a case piece, such as this Chippendale small chest of drawers. When taking this online course, it's as if you're at the bench with Glen D. Huey as he explains and demonstrates the woodworking techniques he uses to construct this chest from start to finish. You learn how to hand cut dovetails for case construction, how to join drawer blades to a case, traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, how to make drawers using hand-cut, through and half-blind dovetails and how to produce shop-made moldings. Glen also tosses in a few techniques to help speed your work without sacrificing the traditional appearance on the completed project. Plus, you learn the exact step-by-step finishing process used to highlight figured grain. It's sure to make all of your woodworking projects stand out. This course divides the process into individual lessons, walking you through the three major sections of furniture construction – building a case, building a base and making drawers. At the completion of these sections, you’ll have skills that take you beyond simply building projects. Additionally, there is stand-alone sections on hardware installation and finishing with aniline dye and shellac. Move your woodworking skills to new highs. This online course consists of 21 easy-to-follow lessons, each with a short video clip.