Corner Fans

IMG_0216As expected, the guys got started on the corner fans for their Kentucky sugar chests. We set up the gas burner, pulled out the cast iron skillet full of sand and began shading the edges of tiger maple veneer.

Most times I begin the process too soon – before the sand properly heats. Yesterday the guys waited patiently then began working. Once the sand is hot, the shading process is quick. Too quick on occasion. Some of the edges browned too much. The scorched material needs to be removed before going on. There are more than a couple of ways to get that done. One is to clamp a plane upside down in your vise to shave the over-cooked waste away. Another is to use a plane as you normally would.

A third is to simply slide the inlay edge back and forth on sandpaper. But this is one area when Abranet is not as good a choice as regular sandpaper. Because of the softer hook-and-loop backing, it’s possible to round the edge as you clean. That’s not going to work when joining straight edges.


With the pieces of inlay ready for additional work, we laid the parts in position then used a utility knife to make the cuts. Three pieces later the fans are assembled on blue tape. From there they are sized for the project and have the individual rays sculpted using a carving gouge.

OK. Gotta go. The guys are moving into the shop.

— Glen D. Huey

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