Clamp Rack Challenge

dishevelled_clampsAs you can see, our clamp storage is a mess, and I haven’t even brought my plethora of clamps into the shop yet. In the July/August issue of 360 WoodWorking (Issue #4) I’ve designed a portable clamp rack that gets us a little better organized in the shop.

During our discussions of the design, Glen and I speculated that many woodworkers probably suffer from the same problem – piles of clamps cluttering up their shops. That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at for a little contest. For more info click here.

We’re challenging you to design a clamp rack or storage area that holds a minimum of 15 pipe or bar clamps plus a variety of additional woodworking clamps. Your design can be for portable or permanent storage of clamps. The key is to keep the design compact and innovative.

You are welcome to build it, but we need a simple, build-able plan posted as a blog entry on You can draw it in SketchUp or any program you like. You can even draw it on a napkin as long as the plans are complete.

We will choose two winning designs from those submitted to WoodworkingWeb. Those two winners will each get one-year subscriptions to 360 WoodWorking.


  1. Post your clamp rack/storage design as a blog entry on (+Add → New Blog Entry). Add a 360wwclampstorage tag (not title).
  2. Complete design screenshots or scans must be included. Description and your thought process are welcome.
  3. You can post multiple designs. More designs = better chance to win!
  4. Post on or before June 24.
  5. Two winners will be announced on June 26.
  6. The winners each receive a one-year subscription to 360 WoodWorking (current subscribers will receive subscription extension).

Have fun!

— 360 WoodWorking

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