Chisels: Know What You’re Buying

LeadPhoto_1Every woodworker dreams of the big score, especially when searching for chisels. Whether we’re perusing an online auction site, walking through the local flea market, searching an antique store or scouring the tailgate section of a tool-collectors meeting, we love us a chisel deal.

Finding a deal on chisels can be easy if you know what to look for when hunting.

But what is a deal? How do you know if that Bakelite-handled, 1/2” chisel is worth the asking price? Do you know the difference between junk, a good user chisel and one that’s in “mint” condition? The answers to these questions – and many more – puts you in a better position to not waste your money.

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3 thoughts on “Chisels: Know What You’re Buying

  1. Excellent presentation showing years of experience and training. I agree, polish the back, hollow grind and hit the stones and be done with it. I enjoyed the discussion of all the chisels. It was very informative. I’d ask a question but I think you answered them.

  2. Nice to get information that goes beyond the ordinary. I have wondered if stropping on (soft) leather would round over the edge slightly? Also wonder if that’s not so bad?
    Thanks Don

  3. Well done!Thanks,

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